‘Plagiarism by mistake’ otherwise known as ‘Inadvertent plagiarism’ is one of the biggest issues faced by non-native English writers. We are here to help if you have questions. To be sure that all the sources and content in your files are cited correctly before submission it is often a good idea to check with one/more of the software packages available. This will help you to ‘waterproof’ and ‘bulletproof’ your work before sending it to a journal because publishers DO CHECK, especially (sadly) when they see that you – the author – are based in a non-native English-speaking country. Remember: all the meta-data you enter when submitting articles is used by journals/publishers to profile you and to try to make $$.

Post by Gareth Dyke, Editor-in-Chief of Biosis: Biological Systems (Published by EAPG), and Historical Biology (Published by Taylor and Francis).